Spring Break Research

Right now I’m over halfway through spring break and I have to admit, there wasn’t much “break” about it. Though I managed to spend two days visiting family I quickly came back to Blacksburg to continue researching and writing for my project. Though I did plan to go to Virginia Tech Special Collections to continue looking through more primary sources, I decided it would be better for me to sort through the primary sources I’ve already collected and begin to work on the draft of my proposal. The deadline for the draft proposal is quickly approaching and I thought it best to make that a priority.

My next major research goal is to spend time in the library searching through microfilm of the Montgomery Messenger, which was the local newspaper during the wartime era for Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Information about Virginia Tech, particularly from those in the local community, may be located within the pages of the newspaper and they’ll only help me develop a more deeply researched project about Virginia Tech in the First World War.


One thought on “Spring Break Research”

  1. First off, I applaud you for your proactive venture on the proposal draft; your timetable is definitely ahead of mine. What led you to the ‘Montgomery Messenger’? Is it a source you have worked with before, one that your sources have led you to, or is this something that you have had on your to-do list from the beginning? I’m mainly curious to see what kind of overlap exists with the student newspaper on campus.


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