Revising the Draft

Sometimes the hardest part is revising. Or at least that what I’m finding out this weekend. Receiving comments from my adviser, my professor, and a fellow student has proved to be useful and overwhelming at the same time. However, I think I’ve gone about implementing the revisions the wrong way this weekend. Instead of seeing the proposal as an expansive revision process, I think I need to revise each section separately from each other just to keep my thoughts straight. So one day I can review the comments from all three individuals on a particular section, see common themes, and make changes from there. Keeping it simple and organized like this will help me to not feel overwhelmed, particularly when I’m juggling revisions to other major papers at the same time.

There are going to be come significant changes to my proposal. The two most important will be refining my argument, since there wasn’t really an argument in my first draft. The second thing I will be changing is to incorporate people, the main characters of my story,   into my draft. As Dr. Ewing told me, bringing in people to my story can inform my readers about the significance of the topic and of what I’m doing.

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