This I Believe

For those with hearing impairments here is a transcript of my “This I Believe” statement.

“I believe that education is a foundational right of our country. Every student, regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, citizenship status, and economic condition is entitled to receive a free and publicly funded education.

I believe that every student has the right to learn their history. America is a diverse nation, made of diverse perspectives, peoples, stories, and cultures. All of these stories are part of America’s story.

I believe that Social Studies teachers not only teach Social Studies, we also teach students. Classrooms are more than places where learning content occurs, it is also a place where skills, dispositions, and values are learned.

I believe that Social Studies is a rich and exciting subject. Social Studies is the stories of ordinary people doing ordinary or extraordinary things. Our job as teachers is to reveal and help our students discover these stories and to investigate the richness, the sadness, and the amazement of the human story.

I believe that teachers have a duty to go beyond the standards. Standards are the minimum for teachers to cover. Students can have a broad understanding of Social Studies and also still have deep understanding of larger concepts, ideas, and themes.

I believe that Social Studies prepares students to become engaged in our democratic republic and to become citizens of the world. Social Studies allows students to see the diversity of our globe and can teach students how to be respectful of difference and embrace it.”

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